Commercial House 1st Floor
135A BRB Basu Road, Kolkata-700001
Mon - Sat 10.00 - 18.30


We at Subhasree have great value and respect for knowledge and skills, which is why we try to create a culture that nurtures such talent. Operating in a technology-heavy industry, we offer an environment for our team members to constantly upgrade their skill set and add value in our collective efforts as well as to their individual self.

Mutual-respect and hard work are at the core of our values while encouraging and rewarding such behaviour is a norm. We believe that in a competitive and challenging work environment globally, simple yet concrete principles of integrity and trust are the way to succeed.

In a rapidly expanding and modernizing industry, we too are growing at a rapid pace. We enjoy working with like-minded and motivated individuals on our path to achieving our collective dreams. If that sounds like you, Contact Us and let’s explore the heights of achievement together!

Cuculus India – Now Hiring !!!

Become a part of shaping the future of the software domain in the Advanced Metering Industry and explore exciting career opportunities in India with our partners Cuculus Germany.

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